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Harmonia Mundi


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Violão do Brasil

Pascal Bournet Choros e Valsas

Un album rassemblant des pièces dont la notoriété a dépassé les frontières du Brésil,d’autres moins connues mais qui toutes sont un témoignage vivant de l’âme brésilienne.
Pernambuco, Soares de Souza, Reis, Nogueira, Jobim, Nicanor Teixeira, Da Viola...
Celtic Ways


Pascal Bournet Consort     Guitaroscope/ L'autre Distribution 2018

An innerjourney conjuring up distant shores

Wandering with O'Carolan
Pascal Bournet   Guitaroscope/ L'autre Distribution 2017

25 new pieces for one or two guitars, piccolo guitar and bass   guitare guitar.

Turlough O'Carolan


Pascal Bournet   Guitaroscope /L'Autre Distribution  2016
Turlough O'Carolan
24 new pieces for one or two guitars
Video1        Video2
Tango Paris-Buenos Aires


Pascal Bournet Consort  Guitaroscope/ L'Autre Distribution  2015                           
Astor Piazzolla, Adrien Politi and Patrick Bournet.               Trailer
 Corinne Basseux: violon, Pascal Bournet: guitar /arr., Cindy Descamps: clarinette 
Boa Fonte/Conversa


Duo Conversa  Iris/Harmonia Mundi 2010    

27 Scenes from Latin America.
A  conversation  between  a   flute and a guitar. A tribute to the  peoples of Amazonia,  to the music of Brazil and to the singing of the birds in the rainforest.  
Caminho para O Amazonas


Pascal Bournet - Hector Gomez     Iris/Harmonia Mundi 2008

A fabulous tribute to South American scenery and sounds shaped by the Amazon river. A series of eclectic soundtracks leading to the far reaches of the longest river in the world but, above all, an essential expression of sympathy to the Indian peoples of South America and to the effervescence of Brazilian music. An outstanding musical view point in twenty-one scenes. Joel Leibovitz
Jasmine Flower
Pascal Bournet         Mandala/Harmonia Mundi 2006
"When a classical guitar falls in love with Chinese folk music..."
Free scores are available courtesy of Kosinus Publishers.( See Free scores/China)


Pascal Bournet Consort    MAN 5077 - Harmonia Mundi 2003

Solace marks the third part of the trilogy devoted to O'Carolan. It is a tribute to the Irish musician. All the compositions recorded here are, indeed, original creations. They respect the spirit of the bard's compositions and more generally the soul of Celtic music.

Celebrating O'Carolan


Pascal Bournet Consort       MAN 5026 - Harmonia Mundi 2001

19 themes by O'Carolan harmonized and arranged for solo guitar, two guitars, recorder and violin by Pascal Bournet. Bonus tracks: a famous Jig and a traditional Reel.

Scores: Production d'Oz 1  Productions d'Oz 2

O'Carolan the Irish Bard


Pascal Bournet      MAN 4966 - Harmonia Mundi 2000

Pascal Bournet : guitar, harmonization & arrangement
Benoît Sauvé : recorder (7, 12)
Scores : Editions Transatlantiques

P. Bournet & E. Alberti John Mac Laughlin & Astor Piazzolla   Iris/Harmonia Mundi 1997

Two famous composers of the 20th century on the same program.
Arrangements for violin & guitar by Pascal Bournet.
  Mumuki by Astor Piazzolla (arr. Pascal Bournet) - Éditions Boosey and Hawks
Mahavishnu re-defined
Mahavisnu Re-Defined     ESC Record 2008 (Germany)
The record company ESC proposes a double CD, a tribute to John Mac Laughlin and his Mahavishnu Orchestra, produced by Ulrich Vormehr, with Gary Husband, NGuyen Le, Pascal Bournet,  Mitchel Forman, Billy Cobham, Mahavishnu Project, etc.
Um Poquinho (Scenes from Latin-America) Cornélia/ Adda 1990
Story Board      Pan Music/ Harmonia Mundi 1992
Café Volutes    WMD Wotre Music 1994



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Impressions d'Asie


Pascal Bournet       KAR 1014

A European Musical Evocation Of Asia
Featuring Guitar, Piano, Flute, Cello & Violin.

Audio     Editions Kosinus/ Kapagama


Impressions du désert


Pascal Bournet - Christophe Delabre   KAR 1019

IMPRESSIONS DU DESERT ( Desert Impressions)
A European Musical Evocation Of Middle East & North Africa.
Cello, Clarinet, Guitar, Oboe, French Horn, Harp, Violin, Piano, Flute.

Audio      Editions Kosinus/ Kapagama        
Impressions d'Amérique Latine


Pascal Bournet    KAR 1034

Musical Evocation Of South America.
Acoustic Guitar, Octave Guitar, Cello, Flute.

Audio      Edfitions Kosinus/ Kapagama

Guitar Rag


Pascal Bournet      KOS 271

Ragtime For Guitar Duet.  Composed By Pascal Bournet. (Tracks 01 to 05 From Trad.)  06 to 16 Composed by: Pascal Bournet

Audio       Editions Kosinus

Beautiful Land
Pascal Bournet      KOS314
Peaceful And Pastoral Ballads For Acoustic Guitars And Cello.
Celtic Tradition


Pascal Bournet     KOS 91

Traditional Arrangements Of The" Irish Bard " O'Carolan Music (1670-1738).
Composed by: Pascal Bournet From Trad. 
for guitar, violin, mandoline & recorders
Audio       Editions Kosinus
Asian Guitars


Pascal Bournet  KOL 38

When A Classical Guitar Falls In Love With Asian Traditional Music.

Audio         Editions Kosinus

Italian Traveller


Pascal Bournet    KOL 60

Typical Varied Italian Acoustic Themes for Italy (Travel Documentary, Cooking And Food)


Audio      Editions Kosinus