Pascal Bournet

Guitariste :: Compositeur :: Arrangeur

         The CD Tango Paris-Buenos Aires (by it now) will be available in June 2015
         Pascal Bournet (guitar), Corinne Basseux (violin), Cindy Descamps (clarinet)
                             compositions by Adrien Politi ,Astor Piazzzolla and Patrick Bournet
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    "African Traveller"  2015
    "Global Traveller"  2015
    "Italian Travel"  2016
   " Elegant pizzicati"  2017
   "Folk Guitar Season"   2018

    All compositions by Pascal Bournet

    Pub Coca Cola in South America: Esquisse Fiesta (Impressions Latines)
    Pub Lepetit : Ramble to Galway (Celtic Tradition)