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Pascal Bournet      MAN 4966 - Harmonia Mundi 2000

Pascal Bournet : guitar, harmonization & arrangement
Benoît Sauvé : recorder (7, 12)
Scores : Editions Transatlantiques

Télérama ffff
A warm tribute paid by the guitarist Pascal Bournet to the Irish O'Carolan,  one of the latest traveling bards. Irish ballads, with a touch of baroque sometimes, but often traditionally sad or dancing.
Anne-Marie Paquotte

On this CD the excellent guitarist Pascal Bournet presents 21 themes arranged and harmonized by himself. The scores are available from the Editions Transatlantiques. Dominique Le Guichaoua

Pascal Bournet revisite O'Carolan
A fantastic CD dedicated to O'Carolan's tunes harmonized and arranged by Pascal Bournet. A pure marvel! Pascal Jaugeon
Carolan the Irish Bard   Juin 2000
***** Brilliant CD

Production & éditions : Ned Music, recorded at studio Damiens (92) in 1999