Guitariste :: Compositeur :: Arrangeur

Pascal Bournet

Acheter:  Éditions Transatlantiques - TROO1963         Vidéo

Manus O'Donnell | Loftus Jones | Lament for O.R. O'Neill | Princess Royal | Cl John Irwin | Farewell to Music vidéo | Carolan's concerto | Sir Festus Burke | Carolan's Dream | Ct Higgins | Ct O'Kain | Kitty Magennis | Mary O'Neill       | Dolly Mac Donough | George Brabazon 1st and 2d air | Eleanor Plunkett | Bridget Cruise 3d air | Hewlett | Carolan's ramble to Cashel .

"Here, the pieces really sound Irish for once. Fabulous! I was beginning to wonder whether anyone could actually do it properly. [...] Players would have to be approaching grade 8 to really do these arrangements justice, but believe me, they are really worth the effort." Chris Dumigan - Classical Guitar - May 2001